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We Jason and Katrina Jones, a creative couple from stunning Vancouver, Canada who have a deep passion for documenting everything beautiful in this world.
As a bit of a back-story, we met each other at the youthful age of 15 (Katrina) and 18 (Jason). From early on in our friendship, we knew that we were forever going to be more than friends.  We knew that we wanted to share the rest of our lives together!
For both of us, photography and videography have always been a hobby. We were quite creative growing up and have continued our creativity throughout our lives.
It wasn’t until we went to Paris in January 2018 when we turned our creative hobby into something so much more.
In Paris, we focused on curating content to present a cohesive Instagram page. We had observed some travel bloggers and had been inspired by their content. Our thought was, “wouldn’t it be nice to have a page that looked so clean?”. 
Then, our creative hobby blossomed into something so much bigger than we ever had dreamed.
A couple months after developing our Instagram, we started approaching and collaborating with hotels, brands, and companies around the world. Our goal was to include content that had a sense of traveling in style. This triggered our motivation to build our own website; Not so much for a business, but more so to share our adventures - our favorite places, accomodations, eats, and experiences. Ultimately, we wanted to share our passion for traveling with others in hopes of inspiring them to take on new adventures.

During this time, we also observed the need to readjust our focus from typical travel, life, and style, to one that benefited our planet. We have continuously been choosing to work with companies who foster the same enthusiasm for a eco friendly lifestyle as we do. Working with sustainable companies has helped us see the potential for change, it has given us the motivation to document it, and it has empowered us to make small changes in our daily life in order to create a larger scale impact.
Because of this, we have chosen to pursue blogging about travel along with sustainable choices as we hope to encourage others see the potential each of us has to help our earth.
Since our website launch, we have been given so many wonderful opportunities to continue our creative content with more brands, more hotels, and more companies. Our experience as well as our creative, is ever growing and ever changing. Above anything else, this is a creative outlet for us; But the fact that we get to encounter so many kind people who share the same passion for travel and eco consciousness - this is something that is truly special.
Hello Joneses
Our Jones Family is currently made up of 3 wonderful creatures : Jason, Katrina, and Princess Buttercup (our little side kick dog).  
In our content, we hope you get to see + feel our sense of adventure, passion, and exploration for everything beautiful in this world.  We also hope it will help you to get to know us a little better through our lifestyle focused content; Whether it is braving the great outdoors or chilling in an epic hotel or wandering around an ancient city.
As creative people, we are always focusing on growing as well as changing our content.  We are constantly learning new ways to express our excitement for photography and videography and we look forward to you joining along on our journey!
Our hope is that you enjoy every bit of our travel diaries, come to learn how it is totally doable to travel on a budget, are able to learn about how eco-tourism can be achieved, embrace sustainable fashion, and most importantly -  feel inspired to travel yourself!
Jason, Katrina, and Buttercup
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