What comes to your mind when you think of Paris?

Paris is all of these things and more!

If you would have asked me 2 years ago, "Do you want to go to Paris?"  I would have replied, "Heckkkk nooo!" I always felt it was going to be an overrated tourist trap.  But, don't knock anything until you try it - right?
So we found out that:
1. Tourist Trap?  Yep!
2. Overrated?  Not at all!

Skip to last winter when I decided to kidnap my friend on a trip to 24 hours in Paris. We were living near Frankfurt at the time, so I thought, why not at least try it? 24 hours; we will either decide if we love it or hate it. Well, we loved it! We have been to Paris twice now and are already planning our next trip.

Whether you're planning a trip to the city that never sleeps, daydreaming about a vacation there, or are on your 20th visit - We feel like Paris is always an overwhelming vision - and this is what inspired our Paris blog.
We hope the below experiences, food, and shopping guide will inspire you to travel, daydream, or plan another visit to Paris.
If you have a favorite experience, food hub, or shopping spot - we would love to hear about it!

Let's inspire each other to travel often and love truly on this beautiful planet of ours!

 Here you can find stunning architecture, free rooftop views, champagne bars, and the most elegantly designed shopping experience!
In Paris, you must choose where you spend your time wisely.  I have no problem devoting a majority of the afternoon and all of the sunset to Galaries Lafayette!

 Most people think of the Eiffel Tower and surrounding area as a sea of tourists with vendors trying to sell you everything and anything. That assumption is correct. However, the reward is beyond worth it!
 Just being near the Eiffel Tower and getting all the Paris feels with this breathtaking monument is totally incredible. We opted out of going up the tower (because we would have needed to book it 3 days ahead - and this is in off season!). Instead, we just wandered the tour grounds, danced in the park, and strolled the cafes. Everything about the Eiffel Tower and the surrounding area is a must see!​​​​​​​
Paris is a legit mecca of restaurants, cafes, and cocktail bars! 
So where do you go?
Here were our favorite places:
 Breakfast in Bed - every single time we would pick this! You can shop at the local markets and bakeries the day before; which is an incredible experience in itself. Plus, cheap local champagne for breakfast? YES PLEASE!

MERSEA : www.merseaparis.com 
They boast that they make the best fish burger - and I would agree! A squid ink bun, a fish patty, and a side of sweet carrot puree - ok maybe that doesn't sound inviting. But believe me, it is soooo mouth watering good!

We absolutely loved the vibe and quality vs. cost of this restaurant! It is all vegan and all sourced locally. They make SUCH a variety of food like vegan Banh Mi, homemade soup, and plenty of vegan desserts for the sweet toothed people out there. Le Tricycle is perfect for a quick bite during a busy sightseeing day!

Dinner Cruise! 
There are so many to choose from, so we always resource from : www.viator.com/Paris-tours/Dinner-Cruises

*"where is the photo's of this?" You may ask.  We were too wrapped up in the moment to think about taking pictures because some moments as better than picture worthy.

Personally,  my favorite place to shop is in boutiques. I love that there is a combination of locally made clothing, fantastic personalized customer service, and unique styles.
We stumbled across Paperdolls en-route to Sacre Couer - and what a find this was!
I feel if I were bottled into a store, it would be this one.  They feature all local designers, they have a vintage section, and they have the most adorable staff you will ever meet. Paperdolls is perfectly located in an adorable neighbourhood with other boutiques and cute cafes.
Stop by and say "hello" - they will always greet you with the warmest smile :)

While we were in Paris I stayed at 'Residence Le Victor' and it was beyond stunning! Not only was Gaspard (the owner) an extremely welcoming host, his boutique hotel is everything you want and more. Situated in the heart of Paris’ historic 9th district - there is about a 15 minute walk to either Galaries Lafayette or Sacre Couer. To say it is surrounded by the best cafes, book stores, and restaurants would be an understatement. 'Residence Le Victor' exudes a relaxed and balanced feeling of freedom and hospitality with their loft-style apartments and boutique-style hotel rooms. This was truly a fantastic stay and we can't wait to go back!
Thank you so much for visiting my Paris blog! 
I would love to hear from you :) 
Please stop by and say "hello" below.
Thank you!

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