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Jason and I hope you will enjoy exploring with us as we adventure though beautiful destinations (near + far), discover eco-friendly accommodations, seek out the best ethical travel essentials.... and of course, have some fun along the way.

Our goal is to document our beautiful findings as well as inspire you to travel often + embrace life!

on our blog, you will find three sections :
travel diary : 
here you will find our travels, photography, videography, and blog.
side note... Our goal with our blog is not to over-saturate you with information, but to give you a quick + easy to read overview. We will briefly describe the area we visited, our accommodation, our favorite places to eat, and our favorite things to do.  We strive to maintain a modest budget when we travel, thus we hope to show you how it is totally doable to travel well + not blow your savings account while you're adventuring.
ethical goodness : 
here you will find my favorite ethical + sustainable products as well as brands for travel, leisure, and life.  
side note... My goal is to share awareness as to why it is so imperative to be eco-conscious, how it is an investment to buy ethically, and what simple things we can do everyday to help our stunning planet. 

branding + hotels :
here you will find a quick + easy overview of our digital arts work with brands and hotels.
It is an easy way to see our work, style, and portfolio.

 explore, share, inspire, and enjoy!
Why La Pinkflamingo?

The creation of La Pinkflamingo started in Paris + continued through our love of Pink Flamingo's.
In our content., we hope to convey a sense of romance, life, love, and fairy-tales (we derive from Paris) as well as fun, happiness, playfulness, and humor (we derive from Pink Flamingos). 
We look forward to bringing you along on our colorful and creative adventures!

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As always, we love to hear from YOU! So please feel free to share your travels, give us feedback, ask for advise, or reach out to work with us :)
Jason + Katrina

Thank you!

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