So many people travel to Palm Springs every year.  Whether it’s some much needed R+R, a retirement spot, a family getaway, or to go to Coachella, each year the once sleepy city of Palm Springs is now becoming much more popular.

The first time we visited Palm Springs was in 2009. It was a total in-the-moment decision to drive straight from Vancouver to Palm Springs at 11pm. A few mini naps, some red bullS, and many chocolate covered pretzels later - we arrived in Palm Springs both sleep deprived and excited to be in sunshine. What we didn’t factor in, is that we drove to the desert mid-August in a non-air conditioned car. Have you ever rolled down your window and felt as if a hot blow dryer was in your face - we have. (Side note, I definitely would not recommend going to Palm Springs in August… but I will get to that later).  We also didn’t factor in where we were going to stay - I told you it was a last minute decision didn’t I?
Thus, enter the ACE Hotel + Swim Club

ACE ACE ACE ACE ACE… 100% ACE hotel + swim club.
We rolled up into Starbucks at around 5am and looked online for a place to crash for a few days. Up came the ACE for$50..yeah you heard me $50 a night! Without hesitation we booked it and showed up on their doorstep 30 minutes later.  Although it was WAY before check in time, they took some much appreciated pity on us and got us into a room  
As it turned out, it had just opened the month before and we (without knowing) got to be some of its first visitors.
From our very first sleep in the totally comfy bed, to the first swim in its epic pools (plural), to eating a very welcomed breakfast in King’s Highway Restaurant, to riding the cruiser bikes, to fell so in love.
Skip to present day 2018. We knew we wanted to return again and we took a chance on emailing them to collaborate. With our delight they responded quickly and eagerly and it felt as if a dream came true.
On our second visit at the ACE in April 2018, we fell even more in love with it the second time.  It has a totally cool atmosphere and is in the perfect location.
The ACE reception was just as friendly as we remembered and the beds were possibly more comfy than we remember.  Throughout our stay, the ACE was attentive, kind, and fun to be around. It truly gives life and excitement to Palm Springs.  I now could never imagine Palm Springs without the ACE hotel.

Palm Springs is filled with all sorts of restaurants. Everything from American-style buffet to fusion Pho. With so many options, how do you choose?
Here are our top picks for nourishing your body between bike rides and suntans!
Most definitely Kings Highway Diner! It gives you all the feels of a 1970's diner but with all the delicious food of a artisan restaurant. Home-made cakes, Stumptown Coffee, and Avo-Toast the size of your head. Kin's Highway is hands-down our top choice for breakfast.
Both Jason and I absolutely love Pho. Thus we were beyond delighted that Palm Springs has so many Pho Restaurants! With vegan, veggie, and meat lover options, Watercress Vietnamese Restaurant is our top pic for a luncheon.
P.S. They have an epic happy hour from 3 to 6pm!
Jason - being the sweet man that he is - surprised me with a bike ride to a vegan restaurant.  It was SO good, we ended up eating there 3 more times! The burgers rivals with In-And-Out, the salads are mega, and they even have "chicken and waffles". You absolutely have to check out Native Foods the next time you visit Palm Springs!

Deserts, pools, shopping, and bike rides.  The once sleepy town of Palm Springs is now a very hip-and-happening place, filled with all sorts of adventures.  Below is our favorite places to see and our favorite things to do:

U2 sang about it, photographers captured it, and bloggers made it insta-famous. Joshua Tree is everything thing people have made it out to be. It has endless terrain for photography and hiking as well as all the unique sites you want in a national park.  However, be aware - there is a $30 entrance fee for vehicles.
If you don’t want to spend the money going into the park, the town and landscape surrounding it is also super interesting and worth a visit!
I absolutely adore biking around Palm Springs! It is flat, open, and endless views of retro ranchers. There are so many fun neighbourhoods you can explore via bike!
There is no better place to be poolside than Palm Springs. I truly feel that is a healing experience. We absolutely love being poolside at the ACE. They have pink flamingo floaties, hammocks, and shaded water misters for the less sun-savvy visitors. To us, it is one of the most perfect ways to spend an afternoon in Palm Springs!

The weather in Palm Springs is beautiful all year around - which is why people so readily flock there every year. However, if you aren’t a total heat lover, definitely say out of Palm Springs June to September as the temperatures can rise well above 40 degrees Celsius (108 Fahrenheit). Personally,  our favorite time to go is around March / April. The weather is still warm - but not too warm - and the tourists are minimal. But, regardless of when you go, you will have an amazing time!
We would love to hear about your favorite places in Palm Springs! Where did you stay? What did you do? Where did you eat?
We can't wait to hear your favorite spots!
Thank you!

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