Here is to our third time in Paris!

If you follow my instagram account, you will know that; 
A) We have grown to love Paris more and more each time 
B) I asked all of my followers to send me some of their questions about Paris.

So then, let’s get to it!  
First is part A: We are completely falling in love with Paris more and more each time!
Why is this?
I think it is because Paris is one of those cities that is an infinite playground for adults. It kind of feels like a Disneyland of sorts; where no matter how many times you go, you discover more each time. Paris has so much to offer in the way of arts, entertainment, food, fun, and leisure. It is an ever changing scene. yet it remains completely classic and familiar.
I also feel that the area we stayed in this time was unexpectedly charming! We chose to stay in the Latin Quarter during this trip. In our past journeys to Paris, we chose to stay closer to the city center, and although it was fantastic as far as convenience, I felt as though you could never remove yourself from the noise or tourists.
Being in the Latin Quarter  was the first time I felt as though I could wholeheartedly plunk myself in Paris and adopt the adored Parisian lifestyle!
The Latin Quarter of Paris features long winding cobblestone streets, a warm and neighborhood feeling, and rich in historical buildings.
There are museums on almost every block and absolutely stunning parks tucked inside hidden streets.
One of my favorite parks was Jardin des Plantes. It has immaculate gardens, hidden gems of sitting areas, pockets of flowers, and classic Parisian buildings.
Finally, what I loved most about the Latin Quarter is that - although it is a quiet neighbourhood - you are still very close to public transportation to the heart of Paris. It is the perfect area to relax and refresh after an active day in Paris!
Hotel Monte Cristo Paris​​​​​​​
We had a wonderful opportunity to stay in two lovely boutique hotels while in Paris!
The first of which was Hotel Monte Cristo.
Hotel Monte Cristo is a totally eclectic and cozy hotel that was recently refurbished in a praise to artist Alexandre Dumas. It features a variety of artistically inspired rooms, an indoor pool and sauna, and a fabulous breakfast!
What we loved most about Hotel Monte Cristo is how dog friendly they are! The reception was beyond kind, welcoming, and charming with our little pupper Princess Buttercup - even offering to dog sit her during our evening out (how cool is that?!)
Hotel Monge​​​​​​​
The second place we had the opportunity to stay at was Hotel Monge - and ohhhh my gosh was it ever pretty!
Hotel Monge is one of those hotels that truly feels like a luxury hotel in a friendly boutique style atmosphere. Each of the rooms are beautifully decorated in a light, elegant, and whimsical mood. The hotel offers an incredible Eucalyptus steam room as well as spa services for all of the R+R you need.
We loved that the staff were so kind, welcoming, and accommodating in assisting with our travel plans. They always welcomed us with a warm smile and cheerful greetings.
Hotel Monge is definitely one of those hotels we could stay at over and over again!

We enjoyed the pleasure of having buffet breakfasts offered at each of our accommodations. To me, this is always the most perfect way to start the day! But even BETTER was breakfast in bed at Hotel Monge.
If you are travelling through Paris and are looking for a place for breakfast, there are so many options. As I mentioned in my last Paris blog, I always opt for breakfast in bed whenever possible! This could be either a breakfast that your hotel offers, or if you pop down to the local grocery store you can grab a delicious breakfast spread including mimosa essentials for less than 10 Euros.
However, if you would like to eat out somewhere, the local coffee shops / brasseries have fantastic traditional Parisian breakfast options.

After walking the city all morning, what is better than a late lunch? Personally for us, we prefer to have a lighter lunch as we always plan for epic dinners. Some quick, easy, and healthy options are :

We had the opportunity to eat at a couple of fantastic restaurants!
Hotel Marignan
The first experience was at Hotel Marignan. This was such a fun meal! We ordered an assortment of appetizers and we pigged out. Prior to stuffing yourself on their Parisian comfort food, you must go to the rooftop to enjoy the Eiffel Tower views. I would say that it is hands down one of the best views of the Eiffel Tower. Top it off with a glass of champagne and watch the magic of the sparkling night!

Hotel Grands Boulevards
Our second dinner experience was at Hotel Grands Boulevards. The roof top terrace at Hotel Grand Boulevards is beyond cool! It has such an eclectic and fun vibe with outdoor seating, a cocktail shed, and a view overlooking the restaurant below. The restaurant itself is probably one of the best restaurants I've eaten at in Paris! The service was outstanding, the food was delicious, and the atmosphere was so vibrant! 
As promised, here are the answers to some of your questions from my instagram post!
The best place for croissants and cheese? 
Bread and Ideas! It is suuuuuch a delightful bakery and has amazing croissants stuffed with cheese!
My favorite places? 
First and foremost - the rooftop at Galeries Lafayette! I have said it before and I will say it again, it is my most favorite perch in Paris! Other places : Eiffel Tower park at sunset, Latin Quarter for strolling and epic coffee shops, sitting by the Seine River at night with a bottle of wine, and wandering the streets around Palais Garnier.
Places to go that aren’t full of tourists? 
Great question! Again, Latin Quarter is great for this low key neighbourhood feeling. Le Jardin du Luxembourg is a beautiful and quiet park. As well, the streets around Mabillon station are super beautiful and can be quite quiet depending on the time of year you go!
Nice places to eat (Restaurants, Cafes, Food Kiosks)?
 I think it depends what you are in the mood for as Paris is an uber mecca for food! Personally, these are some of my lesser known spots: Strada Cafe, Fragments, Brasserie Le Triomphe, Le Tricycle, Calife, Bus Burger, Cafe Mimosa, Breizh Cafe, and Mobster Diner.
Places to shop that are trendy but not high end?
 I loved this question! Some of my personal faves are : Paperdolls Paris, Rue de Charonne, Canal St Martin, Nordkraft, and Atelier Green Factory.
Paris is perfection.
If you are on the fence whether to go or not, here is your answer - GO!
If you have been, I hope my post has inspired you to want to go again.

Here are some of the hot tips we have learnt over our 3 visits:
How long you should plan to stay : 
Usually 4 to 5 days is a perfect amount of time!
Getting Around : 
Definitely use a train pass. It is easy to use and cheap to get around. However, some nights, it is totally worth it to take an Uber; it is a beautiful way to see the city by night.
Theft : 
Like any major city, there is theft in Paris. Ensure you have your bags zipped and on you at all times. Be aware of your surroundings, but also don’t let it limit you from exploring new places and going out.
Are Parisians Really Rude? 
No, they absolutely are not! We have actually found Parisians to be some of the nicest people. They are super helpful and willing to assist. Just be kind, not ignorant, and be considerate that you are a guest in their country :)
Is Paris a Money Grab?
I think like any city, you have the option to spend a lot of money really fast. However, Paris doesn’t need to be expensive. The grocery stores are reasonably priced and there are many small restaurants where you can grab some take out for 6 to 10 Euros per person. Just do you research before and plan your approach.

I hope you take in all you can from Paris! I hope you find the magic, perfection, flaws, and fun that makes up the Parisian lifestyle and embrace every moment of your adventure there!
We would love to hear from you! Have you been to Paris and have any tips to share? Do you have any questions about your upcoming trip? Shoot us a message below :)
Thank you!

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