Welcome to gorgeous San Diego where the sun shines 300 days out of the year, the parks are as vast as the shoreline, and the people are as friendly as your neighbor.
This was my first time visiting San Diego; although it was not a long-haul trip, it was definitely memorable!
What stood out the most about my time in San Diego was the variety of landscapes and cultures. I had the wonderful opportunity to experience the hillside and beach town of Carlsbad as well the historic downtown in San Diego. When driving along the coastal areas you come across totally charming and unassuming communities which embrace the surf, sun, and sand culture. Each town is unique to the next with their own style, coffee shops, juice bars, and local hangs. This is completely different to the hustle and hub of downtown where you have the incredible nightlife in the Gaslamp district, famous San Diego Zoo, and towering skyscrapers.
Although the weather wasn’t totally on point, I was able to have a beautiful experience thanks to the wonderfully welcoming Four Seasons Residence Club Aviara in Carlsbad.
As with all of the Four Seasons properties... from the moment you step into reception, you have a warm welcome like no other. What I loved about the Aviara property in particular was the fragrance you experience while driving up to reception - even before stepping out of your car, you feel like you have reached a paradise. All the credit of this fragrance goes to the Jacaranda tree; they are unmistakable with their electric purple colors and wafting floral fragrance. The Jacaranda trees line the property of Aviara which makes it all the more welcoming!

The rooms at Four Seasons Aviara Club do not disappoint! As they are a residence property, some of the suites are rented out by owners while others are booked through the property. This means that the suites and villas at Four Seasons Aviara are perfect for a family getaway, longer stay, or for those who want to have a home away from home. The villas include a full sized kitchen with all the utensils and kitchenware needed, multiple bathrooms, large living space, and the classic incredibly comfy Four Seasons beds. 
 The property itself is absolutely massive! Situated in the hills of Carlsbad,the Four Seasons Residence Club Aviara is located approximately 40 minutes from downtown San Diego, Balboa Park, and San Diego Zoo; and approximately a 15 minute drive to the beautiful beaches of California. 
The hotel property spans across two separate villa locations and includes 2 pools, 2 gyms, 2 common areas, and many hidden walking paths. The Four Seasons staff happily assists you with a golf cart to get around the property.
The experiences are both unique and endless at Four Seasons Residence Club Aviara. I felt beyond fortunate to be able to experience the tequila tasting as well as the Woody tour. Both were so well organized, catered, and well thought out.

Tequila Tasting - This went above and beyond what I imagined it to be. With 6 different types of tequila to taste, you learn about the history, pairing, and quality. It is a fantastic way to meet different visitors in the resort while having a total blast sipping a classic margarita. The experience lasts a little over an hour long, and you walk away feeling like a tequila connoisseur.

Woody Tour - This is the ultimate in retro fun! The woody tour starts with a lobby pick-up in an awesome refurbished woody - surfboards and all. You are greeted by the super friendly and enthusiastic Bruce Wood who has adored woodies ever since his childhood; he takes you to his favorite spots along the coastline including Encinitas Surf Shop, Carlsbad Woody Murals, Moonlight Beach, and Torrey Pines. Bruce has a total love for all things California culture and you can’t help but fall in love with it through his eyes. The Woody Tour takes up a good chunk of the day if you want it to, but the time flies because you have so much fun. Personally, I would recommend every guest experience this at least once so you too can feel like a local.
After all the adventuring, exploring, swimming, and surfing, one cannot help but need some good rest and recuperation. Here enters the totally decompressing Driftwood Spa. As you are escorted to the relaxation lounge, you are welcome to enjoy the organic loose leaf tea, healthy snacks... put your feet up and relax. 
Whether you are looking for a massage, detox treatment, facial, aesthetics, or just a good steam room, the driftwood spa is a fantastic haven to relax your mind and soul.
It is allll good at Good’s donuts! The Goods is located in downtown Carlsbad and definitely has the best donuts in town - possibly in all of California, if not the world. They source out the best bakers, the most natural ingredients, and add a dash of classic coffee house goodness. With fun and creative flavors such as : Tahitian Vanilla, Apple Fritter, Salted Carmel, Seasonal berry - one can easily consume several of their unforgettable fluffy and fresh donuts. If you are stopping by the Carlsbad area, or just passing by it on the highway, do yourself a massive favor and pick up some Goods donuts to go!

The Rustic Root is located in the Gaslamp district of downtown San Diego; it is the perfect perch for rooftop drinks, appies, and dinner. It is a newly opened restaurant which has an assortment of delicious custom cocktails and uniquely whimsical decor with both rooftop and restaurant seating.

It is the perfect way to start the day, relax for a mid-day meal, or finish off your evening with something special! Farm to table culinary cuisine flourishes at the Four Seasons restaurant. I was invited to enjoy a beautiful breakfast each morning and I truly don’t know what was better - the bountiful breakfast or the beautiful outdoor seating. The patio at Four Seasons has a gorgeously arranged seating area accompanied with fire pits, sofas, and poolside tables. It most definitely combines wonderful food with wonderful views.
And so ends our journey through the gorgeous San Diego coast! I hope I have inspired you to check out some of the historic beach towns, beautiful accommodation, and epic eats that make San Diego so unique!
Have you visited San Diego? I would love to hear about the favorite spots that are on your must-see list :)
Thank you!

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