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Although Jason and I grew up in Vancouver, (only about 2 hours away from Whistler) we never fully appreciated the beauty Whistler has to offer. It wasn’t until we returned from Europe when we realized just how stunning our area is. It felt as though we came back with fresh eyes and greater appreciation for the beautiful nature that surrounds us in our beautiful
province of B.C.

Almost immediately after landing from our flight, we started planning our 5 night trip to Whistler. We wanted to approach it differently than in times past. Our previous trips to Whistler mostly included staying close to the village, walking around the village, and perhaps a small day trip somewhere. Although this is a nice way to see an overall view of Whistler, we feel like after couple of days it can get slightly boring. This time, we wanted to see more nature, more local activities, and more of the actual beauty Whistler has to offer.

A little bit of history about Whistler; it is known mostly for its world class skiing. In 2010, Whistler hosted the winter Olympic games which put the massive glacier mountain that much more on the map!
Whistler started being discovered in the 1800’s but it wasn't until the 1900’s when discoverers really started to settle and develop a community. Jump to 1966 and Whistler officially opened for skiing. Since the opening of Whistler, there has been a huge amount of interest and hype around the unique location as well as mountainscape. It has been featured as a number one ski resort in multiple outdoor magazines, it welcomes over 3 million visitors a year and 100,000 permanent residence.
From the moment you step into Four Seasons Whistler, you feel absolutely overtaken with a warm and cozy feeling. What I personally truly appreciated about the Four Seasons is the diversity in their staff. We had the opportunity to meet people from literally all over the world - Philippines, Australia, UK, Greece, Malaysia, and many more. They were all so massively excited about the opportunity to work in Whistler as well as share experiences from their home countries.

We checked into the Four Seasons with our little Princess Buttercup in toe. The reception was absolutely overwhelmingly welcoming and even presented Buttercup with her very own stuffed animal. The lobby itself has a wonderful natural cabin feel with calm lighting and oversized comfy sofas.

Waking up in the Four Seasons was one of the many highlights of the hotel! We had the opportunity to stay in a large suite with a balcony overlooking the mountains. Whether you want to enjoy breakfast in bed or on the patio, the Four Seasons sets it up beautifully with a massive breakfast spread.

Our suite was very well laid out! With two bathrooms, a living room, master bedroom and a pull out couch; the suite was enough to fit a small family! The beds are super comfy, and the bathroom amenities are nothing but luxury. The room is so comfy; in fact, that you can include in an in-room melting moments massage. Sound too good to be true? It is an absolute must-do experience! To have a fully relaxing massage in the comfort of your room is an experience like no else. Aromatherapy, skilled massage therapists, and a fireplace by your toes…  you can’t ask for a better way to wind down or warm up a day.

While staying at the Four Seasons, they welcome you to join in their daily activities which is a really cool concept! They offer spin classes, yoga, outdoor chess, bonfires with endless s’mores, outdoor excursions, and much more. We really loved this feature of the hotel as it makes it super exciting to stay there an participate in well planned activities as well as meet other travellers from around the world.

I must take a quick moment to talk about the s’more making. Not only is it an incredibly fun childhood memory, it is so true to Canadian culture! The details the Four Seasons put into their camper, the bonfire area, and the s’more tray is super unique. They truly thought of everything that is involved in an unforgettable moment!

All in all, the Four Seasons is a wonderful stay for couples, families, or anything in between. They truly take care of their guests to the fullest degree possible while still providing a relaxing and warm environment to flop into. Just steps away from hiking trails, ski lifts, and shopping, it has the perfect location for every and all kinds of activities.
The Fairmont truly is the iconic hotel of Whistler!
Mountainous backdrop, castle like architecture, and the attachment to Whistler history, the Fairmont Chateau Whistler is absolutely a must-stay in Whistler.

We have had the pleasure of staying at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler a couple of times and each time it feels like it just keeps getting better!

What we absolutely love about the Fairmont Chateau Whistler and the Fairmont brand as a whole, is that it totally fits the surrounding landscape with the boutique feeling you wouldn't expect from a large hotel chain. When it comes to customer service, quality of stay, and an inviting family environment, the Fairmont Chateau Whistler has it nailed. The Fairmont covers even the smallest of details (such as a door hanger with your dog’s name so guests or staff know how to greet your pup) to the larger items (such as food quality, restaurant choices, and hospitality).

We had the chance to stay in a newly renovated room overlooking - almost right up against - the massive Blackcomb mountain. Their choice in a styled renovation is absolutely beautiful! The room feels like a little apartment in the middle of the French Alps. Royal blues, warm luxurious gold accents, a heavenly king size bead, and a cozy fireplace living room made us feel right at home the moment we stepped into our Fairmont Suite.

One of the biggest highlights of our stay was joining in on a complimentary hike with their Whistler Experience Guide. They offer complimentary excursions 2 times a day with summer, fall, winter, and spring activities. You can choose to join in on a dog-friendly hike or opt for another excursion with fellow travelers. We loved that our guide had such a passion for Whistler and was eager to share the history, highlights, and beauty Whistler has to offer.

In our Whistler experience, we had the chance to go on the Train Wreck Trail. This was way more beautiful than we ever expected! The trail takes you through easy paths which lead to a small suspension bridge. After the suspension bridge you will reach the famous train wreck. The train wreck happened in the early 50’s when the cargo train lost track off the trails and rolled into the woods onto the edge of a creek - it has since been left there exactly as is. The only difference now, is that it is a sanctuary for graffiti artists from around the world. All the cargo trains that are left behind are filled with beautiful and colourful graffiti. After taking a stroll through the ruins, the guide leads you to mega waterfalls, beautiful streams, and nature heavy trails. This was absolutely one of the biggest highlights we’ve ever had in whistler and we honestly are already thinking about our next adventures with our Whistler Experience Guide!

After all of the hiking, one must refuel - right? What better way than a massive breakfast in bed? Or, if you want to take it a bit further, an epic breakfast buffet in the Wildflower Restaurant? The Fairmont Chateau whistler goes above and beyond in their food presentation and quality as well as being aware of various dietary needs. Whether you chose to stay at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler or not, going for breakfast at the Wildflower Restaurant is a must-do!

The sum up of the Fairmont Chateau Whistler is this: whether you are planning a relaxing not-leaving-the-hotel experience or an adventurous excursion, the Fairmont is your hotel. It is an absolutely perfect accommodation for families travelling with their beloved furry friends or a couple wanting a relaxing get away. There are 4 amazing options for dinner, cocktails, and breakfast right at the hotel as well as a quick walk under a bridge (about a 7 minute walk outside the hotel) which will lead you right to the village center. With a stunning location, awesome hospitality, and great adventures, the Fairmont Chateau Whistler is a beautiful option for your Whistler experience!

As previously mentioned, and as in all of our blogs, I ALWAYS opt for in-room breakfast. It is cozy, easy, and delicious!
If this isn’t an option for you, there are lots of coffee shops and bakeries nearby. Places such as Blendz, Starbucks, Purebread, and Hot Buns Bakery are fantastic options for a light as well as quick breakfast.
When we travel, we always try and look for healthy as well as affordable lunch options. The green mustache is exactly this!
The Green Moustache is the bomb for vegan friendly options and a casual eating environment. We loved stopping there for a veggie wrap, smoothie, local kombucha, and a tasty raw dessert!
The variety of dinner options in Whistler is endless! Whether you want a special night out with a creative culinary experience or a fun family environment, there is plenty to choose from in Whistler village.
Oh. My. Heart. The Scandinave Spa!
I don’t think I could write enough words to describe the beauty or visit enough times to fully appreciate what it has to offer.

What is the Scandinave Spa?
The Scandinave Spa is set in a natural outdoor / indoor environment. It offers traditional Scandinavian baths in a quiet zone environment. Situated on the edge of Lost Lake, it over looks mountainous regions, rustic sauna houses, and a still environment.

The outdoor baths range from cold dunking pools to warm jacuzzi, they also offer Eucalyptus steam baths, saunas, relaxation areas, and a couple of cozy fire pits to unwind beside.

At the Scandinave Spa, you have a large variety of spa treatments to choose from. They have a seperate spa lodge where they welcome you to relax and decompress prior to your treatment.

Scandinave Spa is the ultimate place for total rest and relaxation! It resets your body while keeping you in touch with the beautiful sounds of nature that surround you.
In the upper village of Whistler - close to both the Four Seasons as well as the Fairmont - you will find the Lost Lake trails.
These are beautiful, well maintained trails that lead you to the famous Lost Lake. During summer, it is a beautiful lake for paddle boarding and swimming. In the colder months, you can enjoy a brisk walk through the various winding paths, on bridges over small creeks, and  see the lake when is it a bit more still.
Whistler is quite literally a playground for outdoor enthusiasts!
If it is your first time visiting whistler and you aren’t quite sure what to do, we would recommend joining in with an excursion company. Many of the hotels such as the Fairmont or Four Seasons will offer you either a personalized or group excursion. This is a great way to get an overview of what Whistler has to offer as well as find out what you truly want to do more of.

If you are not staying at a hotel in Whistler, there are many excursion companies throughout the area. The guides are excited to show you their beautiful outdoor playground of endless nature in a unique and adventurous way.

Here are some quick tips and links of pricing, activities, and places to eat!
Lift Pricing : Whistler Blackcomb
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