If you are an avid traveller and wanderluster, you will know that Vancouver is at the top of many bucket lists for adventure, outdoors,and exploration. Vancouver is becoming an ever popular destination for families, backpackers, luxury travellers, and anyone in between. Because of this, YVR airport has 90,00 + travellers going through its gates everyday!  

Not only is YVR a major destination for many travellers, it also makes the mark in the world’s top 10 best airports with its nature setting and ease of transfers as well as boasting the best airport hotel in the world - Fairmont Vancouver Airport.

When you travel, how do you plan your trip?
I have always been drawn to the schedule of: land, go go go, spend the last two days in an airport hotel decompressing. Nostalgically, ever since I was little and travelling with my parents, staying at an airport hotel was always a highlight. Whether flying out or flying in, airport hotels try their best to promote ease of travel and anticipation for the adventure ahead. What truly has always stood out to me about the Fairmont Vancouver Airport is they not only promote ease of travel and anticipation for the upcoming adventure, but they do this with the utmost style, luxury, and comfort.

The Fairmont YVR has a slogan “Where layover meets luxury”, and this couldn't be more on point. From the time you check in to the time you check out, you are greeted with smiles of a welcoming family and treated like an A-star celebrity. The reception, housekeeping, and restaurant team genuinely welcome each and every guest with warmth, friendliness, and a sense of familiarity that is oh-so-comforting. Everytime I step into the Fairmont YVR, I feel in a sense, like I am stepping home.
What makes Fairmont Vancouver Airport the top of the list for best airport hotels? Besides the previously mentioned warm welcome and luxury experience, the hotel itself is absolutely stunning. Each of the rooms feature either a breathtaking mountain view, or a delightfully amusing runway view of the airplanes coming and going. Every single room is a large space accompanied with a luxurious soaker tub, walk in shower, custom Rose amenities, and an out-of-this-world comfy bed.
Fairmont Gold is the definition of luxury. When you walk into the gold floor, you are greeted with a warm reception and a swift check in.
In the gold lounge, you experience sweeping views of the airport runway, complimentary snacks, honor drink bar, and the comfiest of chairs while you snack on the evening canapes and late night dessert bar.
The gold rooms themselves are absolutely mega! They have recently been overhauled and renovated into a delightful mid century modern haven. Right down to the detail of custom monogrammed pillow cases and high-end amenities, the gold level room is such a delightful way to rejuvenate prior or post flight.

Whether you stay gold or stay classic, whether you are departing Vancouver or just arriving, you are guaranteed to have a memorable stay at the beautiful Fairmont Vancouver Airport!
All of the Fairmont properties could quite possibly be the most pet friendly hotels out there! They happily accommodate dog beds, treats, blankets, and bowls. Each fur baby is welcomed just as much as the guests and are made to feel right at home. Prior to checking in, ensure you provide your beloved pets name so the hotel can prepare a little extra something for your little family member!
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